Magazine "Archaeology Worldwide"

Archaeology Worldwide, the magazine of the German Archaeological Institute, addresses the general public. It offers a biannual report on DAI activities, contains stories on how archaeology solves ancient riddles, and explains how archaeological findings can be used to understand our present and future – often with surprising results.

Archäologie Weltweit 2-2016

Die Vermessung des Altertums

Das Titelthema zeigt Beispiele, wie die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Archäologie und Naturwissenschaften funktionieren kann. Wie dies im Besonderen auch in der internationalen Kooperation zu bahnbrechenden Ergebnissen führen kann, offenbart unsere Rubrik „Cultural Heritage" mit einem Beitrag über die chinesisch-deutschen Arbeiten am „Pavillon im beseelten Teich" in der Verbotenen Stadt in Peking. Das „Panorama" zeigt, dass die Autoren archäologischer Werke die Hoffnung niemals aufgeben dürfen. Denn es kann geschehen, dass sie auch noch nach 90 Jahren veröffentlicht werden können.

Archaeology Worldwide 1-2016

On the Move

"On the Move" is the cover story in this issue of our magazine. Starting out with Neolithic journeys, it goes on to look at Greek sanctuaries with an international clientele, the Roman Empire shortly before its transformation into the medieval world, ports on various continents, and it ends with a voyage to the far-off South Pacific. In Focus this time is a recently founded archaeological heritage network that shows how current transformative movements can be an occasion to meditate on common origins and can promote cooperation. Our Panorama feature meanwhile reports on an indispensable human activity and the part it has played in the lives of all of us for 40,000 years now: music.

Archaeology Worldwide Special Issue 2016

Reconstruction. A network for archaeological cultural heritage

The Archaeological Heritage Network (ArcHerNet) brings together German expertise in the field of cultural preservation and cultural heritage protection. The objective is to make this expertise available for cultural preservation projects in other countries too.  The first such project to be implemented by the ArcHerNet, with the support of the Foreign Office, is "Stunde Null" ("zero hour"), aimed at developing a viable future for the time after the crisis in countries that are riven by conflict. Learn more about ArcHerNet in this special issue of Archaeology Worldwide!


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