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AA 2013/2 (©DAI)

Archäologischer Anzeiger (AA) is a journal for the publication of brief contributions on ongoing research and of reports on excavation projects conducted by the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) as well as by colleagues around the world. Chiefly the Archäologischer Anzeiger provides information on topics from the Mediterranean region dating from prehistory to late antiquity, but also carries articles about research outside the core area of the Ancient World.


Friederike Fless and Ortwin Dally
German Archaeological Institute, Berlin Head Office

the directors of the departments and commissions of the DAI:
Henner von Hesberg, Rom - Katja Sporn, Athen - Stephan Seidlmayer, Kairo - Felix Pirson, Istanbul - Dirce Marzoli, Madrid - Ricardo Eichmann, Berlin - Svend Hansen, Berlin - Eszter Bánffy, Frankfurt a. M. - Christof Schuler, München - Burkhard Vogt, Bonn


Norbert Benecke, Berlin - Orhan Bingöl, Ankara - Serra Durugönül, Mersin - Jörg W. Klinger, Berlin - Sabine Ladstätter, Wien - Franziska Lang, Darmstadt - Massimo Osanna, Matera - Corinna Rohn, Wiesbaden - Brian Rose, Philadelphia - Alan Shapiro, Baltimore

Richtlinien für Autoren

The Guidelines for Authors are applicable. Particularly with regard to the drafting of reports on fieldwork: Research questions, aims and results should be in the foreground along with a concise and general depiction. The archaeological projects should be put in a larger context, the relevance of the subject emphasized, and plans, methods and prospects set out. Consideration should also be given to whether the work process­es and results of several campaigns could be resumed in one article. The report should provide a clear, informative and interesting overview of the project. Archäologischer Anzeiger is not the appropriate journal for the publication of annually recurring reports, diary-style excavation documentations, highly detailed accounts of projects or pure material presentation.

Manuscripts are submitted to:

Deutsches Archäologisches Institut
Zentrale - Redaktion
Podbielskiallee 69-71
D-14195 Berlin
Tel.: +49/(0)3018/7711-0
Fax: +49/(0)3018/7711-168

Standard Layout:

print space = width 16,5 cm × height 23,0 cm
text column = width 10,8 cm / marginal column = width 5,1 cm
illustrations: standard widths are 5,1 cm / 7,95 cm / 10,8 cm / 16,5; in addition publication to scale

Deadline for Submissions:

It is not necessary to meet any deadlines for the submission of manuscripts. The Archäologischer Anzeiger appears in a biannual rhythm. We aim to publish the first half-volume in the autumn of the year, and the second volume in the spring of the following year. Which volume an article appears in depends on the peer-review process and on the number of manuscripts already accepted for publication.


as from Vol. 2013/1:
Ernst Wasmuth Verlag GmbH & Co. Tübingen · Berlin

Fürststraße 133
D-72072 Tübingen

Tel: +49/(0)7071/9755-00
Fax: +49/(0)7071/9755-013

until Vol. 2012/2:
Hirmer Verlag GmbH
Nymphenburger Str. 84
D-80636 München

Tel: +49/(0)89/121516-0

until Vol. 2007/2:
Verlag Philipp von Zabern GmbH
Riedeselstraße 57
D-64283 Darmstadt

Tel: +49/(0)6151/78587-12
Fax: +49/(0)6151/78587-44

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ISSN: 0003-8105


Archäologischer Anzeiger has been published since 1889, initially as a supplement to the Jahrbuch des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts (JdI), and later as a separate journal in differing form and layout. Since 2002 two half-volumes have appeared annually, and from 2008 to 2012 the DAI’s annual report was published separately as a supplement to the two half-volumes carrying the authors’ articles. Since 2008 the journal has been printed in colour.

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