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Extended possibilites of research on ZENON DAI

ZENON DAI is an integrated online resource which combines the available library catalogues and bibliographies of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI). ZENON DAI provides free of charge an up-to-date worldwide access to all data compiled since 1956 for the »Archaeological Bibliography« (formerly known as Dyabola) and the »Bibliography of Iberian Archaeology«.

The Archaeological Bibliography is a comprehensive tool for bibliographic research in Classics and Archaeology. It is continuously updated by our Institute's departments at Rome, Athens, Berlin and Istanbul, whereas the Madrid department is responsible for compiling the Bibliography of Iberian Archaeology. On an ongoing basis we evaluate and index monographs and publications from about 900 international journals, as well as conference proceedings and honorary volumes. For a subject-based search, simply click on the link »Archäologische Bibliographien«.

From its inception, ZENON DAI has gained a wide reputation as a major catalogue and bibliographic resource on the Ancient World. More recently, we have extended our datasets by incorporating into ZENON DAI almost all book holdings of the library of the DAI Athens department. This now enables users to perform extensive searches in the holdings of all major archaeological libraries of the DAI at Rome, Athens and Istanbul, as well as to search in the greatest part of the DAI libraries elsewhere. A further extension of our resources is planned for the near future with the incorporation of the Bibliography of the Römisch-Germanische Kommission.

ZENON DAI fully supports commercial software for bibliography management, such as Endnote and Citavi, enabling the users of such utilities to perform direct queries in our holdings and to store bibliographic data according to the DAI publication guidelines. For an introduction and more information, please consult the starting page. An updated interface with information in various languages and new search options will be launched in the course of 2009.

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