Greece, Stratiké

Stratiké/Greece along with the <a href="23589">Stratos Project</a>: capital of the western Greek tribe of Akarnanes


Supplementing the excavation of the city of Stratos, the research aim for this ancient city-state territory is to clarify the economic basis of the city and its dependence on the surrounding countryside. At the same time, the interaction between central settlement and periphery regions should be ascertained by means of surface finds from preferably all period up into modern times.

Recent Activities

Since 1992, the entire area (not yet excavated) has been marked off by a running fence and each find has been labeled with excavation information. Representative surface samples were collected and architecture findings measured. The 1997 season concluded on schedule; the processing of more than a thousand individual objects and the preparation of exhibition labels to affix to settlement structures will continue until 1999.

Cooperation / Cooperation partners

Authorized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the excavation is being run in cooperation between the Greek Antiquities Service in Patras, the Architecture Department of the DAI in Berlin, and the Ancient History Department of the Universitäten Münster and Freiburg. From 1992-1997, the financial demands were met by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Supplementary scientific examinations have been planed as individual projects. Participation by ancient historians or students of corresponding fields is no longer possible.

Prof. Dr. Peter Funke, Althistorisches Seminar der Universität, Domplatz 20-22, D-48143 Münster


Säule und Gebälk, Diskussionen zur archäologischen Bauforschung 6 (Berlin 1996) 48-54. - Ab 1992 Kurzberichte im Jahresbericht des DAI (Zentrale) im »Archäologischen Anzeiger«.


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