Dokumentation und Erforschung von Hauskomplexen

Casa dei Postumii VIII 4, 4. 49 und Insula 16 Regio VI.



40° 45' 10.9224" N, 14° 29' 8.2248" E


The research and scientific activity of the Roman Institute in Pompeii reaches back into the last century to 1860 when a new phase of investigation was put into effect with a shift to more scientifically organized excavations. Researchers at the Institute, like Wolfgang Helbig (1839-1915), August Mau (1840-1909) and later the architecture expert Armin von Gerkan, played a fundamental role in the exploration of Pompeii. With Mau's contribution, the pedagogic character of the »Pompeii course« gained a new quality.


While earlier research was more theoretical or interpretive, with the realization of the threat of severe deterioration of the city ruins, the projects in the last few years have concentrated on documenting the exposed houses and finds. A recently concluded DAI/DFG project »Houses in Pompeji«, an undertaking by the Berlin Head Office in 1975, has achieved exemplar results and produced many publications.

Recent Activities

In 1996, the Soprintendenza of Pompeii began a new initiative and proclaimed an international Pompeiian project (»Progetto Pompeii«) that would look after the scientific restoration of the large excavated building complexes and the coordination of the running projects. Since 1997, the Rome Department of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut has taken part in this effort with two projects: Casa dei Postumii VIII 4, 4. 49 and Regio VI Insula 16. This includes documentation of house complexes, both of which were excavated long age, with goals and questions concerning the investigated object correspondingly organized.


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