Completed projects

Die Archäometallurgie des Sinai, Ägypten

Ein interdisziplinäres Gemeinschaftsprojekt zur Untersuchung der Frühen Kupfermetallurgie im Sinai und der Kupferversorgung des prädynastischen Ägyptens. Ziel ist eine Neubewertung des archäometallurgischen Potenzials im Sinai.


Turkey, Gürcütepe

Eine Talsiedlung des späten Frühneolithikums in der Südosttürkei


e. Archive: 9. EU-Projects

In the course of the "Preservation of Cultural Heritage" programme of the European Union, the Damascus Branch of the Orient Department of the German Archaeological Institute, the Institut Français du Proche-Orient (IFPO) and the Syrian Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) are involved in two joint projects. These are aimed at furthering the skills of Syrian Archaeologists and Architects in techniques of analysis and documentation of architectural monuments and statuary.


e. Archive: 1. Damascus

Research on the building history and city structure in the 18th century considering the effects of the 1759 earthquake.


e. Archive: 4. Tall Bazi

Excavations of a late Bronze-Age urban centre including a fortified citadel and extensive lower city (14th - 12th century BC)


e. Archive: 7. Suweida

Removal of the remains of a modern concrete ceiling and further conservation measures.


e. Archive: 8. Mushennef

Roman temple. Conservation work carried out to preserve the monuments.


e. Archive: 2. Damascus (survey)

Begun in 1996, this survey of late Ottoman buildings in Damascus is being carried out under the auspices of the Damascus Branch of the Orient Department of the German Archaeological Institute.


e. Archive: 3. Isriye

Roman-Byzantine settlement including a Severan temple and Late-Antique fortress.


e. Archive: 6. Inkhil

Palatial residence from the early Christian period. Reconstruction of the façades and restoration of the roof.


Lebanon, Baalbek-Douris

Several sarcophagi were discovered, that were part of a large necropolis dating probably to the Roman imperial period or to the beginning of late antiquity (3./4. c. AD).


Lebanon, Baalbek Museum

In November 1998 a permanent exhibition was inaugurated for the event of the 100th anniversary of the visit of the German emperor Wilhelm II to Baalbek. The project is under the auspices of the Orient Department of the German Archaeological Institute.


Jordanien, Tell Khanasri

Das Projekt wird von der Orient-Abteilung des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts betreut.


Iraq, Wadi Hauran

Regional survey in the Wadi Hauran (Western Iraq) with new results for land use and settlement of the wadi in the pre-pottery Neolithic Period (7th/6th millennium BC) as well as for the presence of nomads since the second half of the 1st millennium BC.



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