Research Projects

Iran: Arisman

The Arisman Excavations are runing since 2000 as a cooperation project between the Eurasia Section of the German Archaeological Institute, the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization and the Geological Survey of Iran.


Turkey: Oylum Höyük - An ancient settlement in Southeastern Turkey

Excavations at Oylum Höyük, Kilis Province: Oylum Höyük was a regional centre on the boundary between Anatolia and Syria from the 4th millennium BC to the Persian period.


Turkey: Survey in the Kilis Province

Systematic archaeological surveying of the complete province in a cooperation between the Istanbul Section of the German Archaeological Institute and the Archaeological Department of the Hacettepe University Ankara.


Iran: Darre-ye Bolaghi

Settlement patterns and lifestyle during the 5th mill. BC in a small region in southern Iran