Orient-Archäologie Bd. 24

Residences, Castles, Settlements.

Transformation Processes from Late Antiquity to Early Islam in Bilad al-Sham (2008)


Proceedings of the International Conference held at Damascus, 5-9 November 2006.


Karin Bartl — Abd al-Razzaq Moaz


Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH
Stellerloh 65
D-32369 Rahden/Westfalen

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ISBN 978-3-89646-654-9

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The volume contains three forewords, 34 papers and a list of contributors. In detail, there are studies on Umayyad art and architecture, the history of research and recent research at Resafa / Sergiupolis, the mosque of d‘al-Bara, the setting and water use of Al Andarin/Androna, on Palmyra, on Gadara / Jadar / Umm Qays, market buildings at Jerash, Umayyad sites in Jordan, the palace of Hallabat, the rural settlement of Khirbat Faris, the city of Anjar, Umayyad desert castles, the city of Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi, animal sculptures at Qasr al-Hayr al-Gharbi, some Safaitic inscriptions and the fortress of Jabal Says, features and inscriptions at al-Namāra, the writing of Arabic inscriptions, the capital of northern Syria, a mansion at Balis, architecture at Madinat al-Far, early Abbasid residences at Al-Raqqa and their architectural decoration, excavations at Kharab Sayyar, the continuity of Roman fortifications from the 4th to 8th century in northern Syria, the settlement of Tall al-Rum, copper coins from Damascus, settlement patterns, economic development and coin finds at Bilad al-Sham as well as settlements in the plain of Akkar and the middle Orontes region.

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