Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran und Turan

Contributions to the archaeology of Iran, Transcaucasia, Central Asia and the Indus valley.

Guidelines for Authors

Manuscripts, please, deliver to the direction of the Eurasian department. Please, mind the guidelines for authors, that have been published in Eurasia Antiqua 8, 2002 in german language, in Eurasia Antiqua 9, 2003 in russian, and in Eurasia Antiqua 11, 2005 in english.


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Latest Volume

AMIT 41, 2009

Content of latest Volume

In memoriam Ezat O. Negahban


Fazeli Nashli, H., Beshkani, A., Markosian, A., Ilkani, H. and Young, R., The Neolithic to Chalcolithic transition in the Qazvin Plain, Iran: Chronology and subsistence strategies

Aliyev, T. and Helwing, B. Kamiltepe in the Milsteppe. Archaeological research 2009

Rostunov, V. L. , Ljachov, S. and Reinhold, S., Tsmi - An open site of the Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic in Northern Ossetia (North Caucasus)

Kaniuth, K., Herles, M., and Shejko, K., Tilla Bulak 2008 - Preliminary report of the second campaign

P'jankova, L. T. , Litvinskij, B. A., Bobomulloev, S., Kaniuth, K. and Teufer, M., The Bronze Age cemetery of Makonimor, Tajikistan

Sverchkov, L. M., A history of research on ancient mining in Uzbekistan

Mansfeld, G., The "Sledge" of Nin Pu-Abi = the wagon of Lugal Sa[g]-pad-da

Piller, C. K., Mahfroozi, A., Bagherpour, N., Neumann, T. and Öğüt, B., First preliminary report on the joint Iranian-German excavations at Gohar Tappe, Māzandarān, Iran

Özfırat, A., Pre-Classical Survey in Eastern Turkey. Sixth Preliminary Report: Lake Van Basin and Ağrı Dağ Region

Özfırat, A., Excavation of the Bozkurt Kurgan Cemetery, 2007: First Preliminary Report

Işıklı, M. and Erdem, A. Ü., A Group of Early Iron Age Pottery from the Erzurum Region

Hassanzadeh, Y., Qal'e Bardineh, a Mannaean local chiefdom in the Bukan Area, North-Western Iran

Babaev, I., Mehnert, G. and Knauß, F. S., The Achaemenid residence on the Gurban Tepe. Excavations near Karačamirli. 3rd preliminary report

Ruffing, K., The 'Satrap list' of Dareios: Herodotan construct or reality?

Fedorov, M., Money Circulation in Central Asia under the Arab Caliphate


B. Lyonnet, Les Cultures du Caucase (VIe-IIIe millénaires avant notre ère). Leurs relations avec le Proche-Orient. Éditions Recherche sur les Civilistions (CRNS Editions, Paris 2007) (S. Reinhold)


Ezat O. Negahban. 1926-2008 (A. Alizadeh)
Massoud Azarnoush. (H. Fahimi and B. Helwing)

Further Volumes

AMIT 41, 2009
AMIT 40, 2008
AMIT 39, 2007
AMIT 38, 2006
AMIT 37, 2005
AMIT 35/36, 2003/2004
AMIT 33,2001-34,2002 als pdf (49 KB)
AMIT 1.1968-32.2000 als pdf (2950 KB)

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