Enclosing the Past: inside and outside in prehistory

Further Editors

Anthony Harding, Susanne Sievers and Natalie Venclová


J. R. Collis Publications Sheffield

Content of latest Volume

  • A. Harding/S. Sievers/N. Velocvá, Introduction

  • E. Neustupný, Enclosures and fortifications in Central Europe

  • M. Godja, Large prehistoric enclosures in Bohemina: the evidence form the air

  • J. Chapman/B. Gaydarska/K. Hardy, Does enclosure make a difference? A view from the Balkans

  • V. Podborský/J. Kovárník, Neolithic and post-Neolithic enclosures in Moravia in their central European context

  • R. J. Mercer, The first known enclosures in souhern Britain: their nature, function and role, in space and time

  • M. Kunst, Zambujal and the enclosures of the Iberian Peninsula

  • A. Harding, Enclosing and excluding in Bronze Age Europe

  • R. Hingley, Defining community: iron, boundaries and transformation in later prehistoric Britain

  • S. Sievers, Oppida und ihre linearen Strukturen

  • G. Wieland, Spätkeltische Viereckschanzen in Süddeutschland: Umfriedung - Abgrenzung - Umwehrung

  • N. Venclová, Enclosing, enclosures and elites in the Iron Age

  • J. Collis, Enclosure in Iron Age Wessex viewed form modern


    ISBN 978-0-906090-53-4

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