Historische Landeskunde und Epigraphik in Griechenland


Further Editors

Klaus Fittschen


Scriptorium, Hoppendamm 1, 48151 Münster

Recent publications

  • 01.04.2014

    Athenaia - Band 4 more

  • 31.03.2014

    Athenische Mitteilungen 125, 2010 more

  • 28.03.2014

    Athenaia - Band 6 more

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The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) is a »scientific corporation« of the Federal Institution under the auspices of the Foreign Office. The staff of the Institute carries out research in the area of archaeology and in related fields and maintains relations with international scholars.
Furthermore, it organizes congresses, colloquia and tours, and informs the public through the media about its work.  

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