Palilia 24 - J. Lipps, Die Basilica Aemilia am Forum Romanum. Der kaiserzeitliche Bau und seine Ornamentik


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Johannes Lipps


The Basilica Aemilia in the Forum Romanum is one of the most important buildings of ancient Rome due to its location, size and architecture. It is also especially well preserved in comparison with many other ancient buildings, and yet it has received very little attention in the scholarship. This study assembles and documents the surviving, Imperial-period remains of the building. This forms the basis for a detailed reconstruction of the building’s architecture, origins, and evolution. Particular emphasis is placed on the modes and meaning of the architectural decoration, above all with reference to the use of space and the broader urban context.


2011, Paperback, German text
252 pages, 290 x 220 mm
161 b/w fig., 21 tab.

29,90 €


ISBN 978-3-89500-870-2
ISBN 978-3-89500-870-2
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