Palilia 27 - F. de Angelis - J.-A. Dickmann - F. Pirson - R. von den Hoff (Hrsg.) Kunst von unten? Stil und Gesellschaft in der antiken Welt von der »arte plebea« bis heute.


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Francesco de Angelis - Jens-Arne Dickmann - Felix Pirson - Ralf von den Hoff (Hrsg.)


Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli’s seminal article on the “Arte plebea” (1967) voiced the requirement that classical archaeology be pursued in a new way, as a critical discipline with an explicit historical orientation. In Germany this desideratum was substantiated and gained currency mainly thanks to the work of Paul Zanker. Since then the analysis of the relationship between form, content, and the social locus of ancient works of art defines broad sectors of classical archaeology. The ten papers collected here, which were delivered on the occasion of Zanker’s 70th birthday, illustrate several perspectives of this field of research; they devote particular attention to the imagery of Pompeii, but also to ancient Greek art as well as Roman provincial art. In this way they underscore the ongoing relevance of the issues related to the arte plebea and to similar formal phenomena, also across times. Using the questions formulated since 1967 and the 1970s as a starting point, these selected case studies manage to disclose further perspectives of research for classical archaeology understood as a form of socially oriented art history.

2012, paperback
184 pages, 290 x 220 mm
158 colored illustration

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ISBN 978-3-89500-915-0
ISBN 978-3-89500-915-0

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