Steppenvölker Eurasiens

Bilingual (russian, german) edition of important materials and investigations in the archaeology of the steppe's inhabitants from Bronze until Middle Ages.

Advisory Board

A. Askarov (Taschkent), A. Bader (Moskau), K. Bajpakov (Alma-Ata), V. Bo

Guidelines for Authors

Please, send your manuscripts to the head of the department. For the planning of your contribution, please, take into consideration the directives of the departement, that have been published in Eurasia Antiqua 8, 2002 (german), in Eurasia Antiqua 9, 2003 (russian) and in Eurasia Antiqua 10, 2004 (english).


Paläograph J. Longinov
ul. Volgina 29/2/23
117437 Moskau
Fax: +7/095/336 37 09

Latest Volume

Volume II:
A. I. Ivan

Further Volumes

Volume I:
L. K. Galanina, Die Kurgane von Kelermes. »Königsgräber« der frühskytischen Zeit. - Hrsg. A. Ivan

Recent publications

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    Baghdader Forschungen more

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    MIRAS more

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