The holdings of the DAI library network can be accessed via our Central Online Catalogue ZENON DAI (

The Archaeological Bibliography of the Rome, Berlin, Athens and Istanbul departments, the Bibliography on the Archaeology of the Iberian Peninsula and the Bibliography of the Archaeology of Eurasia can all be retrieved in ZENON.
To do this, select the menu item "Archaeological Bibliographies" in ZENON (more information here).

Libraries and their available holdings in ZENON

  • Athens: total holdings of the library (except for approx. 3,000 Greek-language monographs and approx. 800 journal titles)
  • Baghdad: total holdings of the library (90%)
  • Damascus: holdings since 2002
  • DEI Amman: substantial portions of the total holdings (monographs and journals)
  • Eurasia Department: holdings since 1999 (integrating the terminated Bibliography on the Archaeology of Eurasia, until 2001)
  • Istanbul: holdings since 2002 plus subsequent systematic groups in full
  • KAAK Bonn: holdings since 1986 (plus retrospectively surveyed library holdings, approx. 80% of the monographs plus all journals and all special reproductions)
  • Cairo: total holdings in ZENON
  • Madrid: holdings since 1997 and approx. 15% of the old holdings (integrating the Bibliography on the Archaeology of the Iberian Peninsula: holdings since 1989)
  • Orient Department: holdings since 1999 (plus retrospectively surveyed library holdings)
  • Rome: all monographs published since 1995, approx. 80% of the older monographs, and all journals. The retrospective cataloguing of absent titles is in progress. ZENON also contains the complete Archaeological Bibliography with the books and articles surveyed by the DAI since 1956.
  • Sanaa: total holdings of the library (90%)
  • Head Office Berlin: holdings since 9/1996 (plus retrospectively surveyed library holdings)


With the adoption of the library software Aleph (under MARC21) the DAI decided to switch from RAK to AACR2 in 2002, thus following on from the library of the DAI Rome, which had been cataloguing in AACR2 since 1996. These DAI data were input in ZENON in 2005. 


Sabine Thänert, M.A.


The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) is a »scientific corporation« of the Federal Institution under the auspices of the Foreign Office. The staff of the Institute carries out research in the area of archaeology and in related fields and maintains relations with international scholars.
Furthermore, it organizes congresses, colloquia and tours, and informs the public through the media about its work.  

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