Transdisciplinary Projects

Edition of the Roman Milestones

In the current processes of Europeanisation and globalisation as well as in discourses dealing with these issues, recourses to history are gaining increasing importance. Cultural imprints and traditions, and, as a result, historical constellations ("Lebenswelten"), have become not merely objects of historical research in a narrower sense, but also objects of broader, lively debate - political as well (keyword: clash of civilisations). At the same time, the focus is often on very early stages of of historical development.

Die Reliefs der kaiserzeitlichen Sarkophage stellen eine zentrale Referenzgattung für ikonographische, stilistische und kulturhistorische Fragestellungen innerhalb der Forschung zur römischen Skulptur dar.


Edition, Translation and Commentary of the Ancient Geographers' Fragments

Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk zur Methodik der Befestigungsforschung

Migrations and Mobility in Archaic Greek History

Überregionale Forschungen zu den Jäger-Sammler-Fischer-Gemeinschaften des 6. und 5. Jahrtausends v. Chr. im Raum zwischen Barentssee und Neman-Fluss mit besonderem Fokus auf Keramikentwicklung, Siedlungswesen und Wirtschaftsweise


The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) is a »scientific corporation« of the Federal Institution under the auspices of the Foreign Office. The staff of the Institute carries out research in the area of archaeology and in related fields and maintains relations with international scholars.
Furthermore, it organizes congresses, colloquia and tours, and informs the public through the media about its work.  

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