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Contributions to the Archaeology of the Black Sea-region, Northern Caucasia, the Eurasian steppe, of Mongolia and Northern China.

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Manuscripts, please, deliver to the direction of department. Please, mind the guidelines for authors, that have been published in Eurasia Antiqua 8, 2002 in german language, in Eurasia Antiqua 9, 2003 in russian and in Eurasia 11, 2005 in english language.


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Latest Volume

Eurasia Antiqua 15, 2009

Content of latest Volume


Mischka, C., New Results of the Geomagnetic Prospection of Neolithic and Copper Age Settlements in Romania (1-14)

Hansen, S., Toderaş, M., Reingruber, A., Becker, N., Gatsov, I., Kay, M., Nedelcheva, P., Prange, M., Röpke, A. and Wunderlich, J., Pietrele: The Copper Age Settlement Mound "Măgura Gorgana" and its Environment. Report on the Excavation and Geomorphologic Researches in Summer 2008 (15-66)

Parzinger, H. Nagler, A, Leont'ev n. and Zubkov, V., The Multiperiodical Necropolis of Sukhanikha near Minusinsk. On the Position of the Tagar Culture in the Cultural System of the Bronze and Iron Age in the Minusinsk Basin. With Contributions by K. Pustovoytov, J. Fassbinder, H. Becker and J. Görsdorf (67-208)

Nikolova, A. V. and Kaiser, E., The Absolute Chronology of the Pit Grave Culture in the Northern Black Sea Area on the Base of the First Dendrochronological Data. With a Contribution by K.-U. Heußner (209-240)

Parlasca, K., Gepayris, not Dynamis. The Bronze Bust of a Bosporan Queen in St. Petersburg (241-257)


in memoriam V. I. Markovin (V. Trifonov) (259-265)

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