Dimitris Grigoropoulos

Athens Department
Fidiou 1
10678 Athens Greece


+ 30-210-33 07 401

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Academic Secretary/ Assistant to the Director

Classical Archaeology

Curriculum Vitae:

1994-1999 B.A. Archaeology and History (Major: Archaeology & Art History) (Athens)
1997-1998 ERASMUS Year Abroad Exchange Programme (Würzburg)
2001 M.A. in Roman Archaeology (Durham, UK)
2005 PhD in Archaeology (Durham) (funded by the A.S. Onassis Foundation)
Title: After Sulla: A Study in the Settlement and Material Culture of the Piraeus Peninsula in the Roman Imperial and Late Roman periods.
2006 DAI Athens, Research Associate, Project "Archäologische Bibliographie"
2009 DAI Athens, Academic Secretary/ Assistant to the Director

Further Research Projects and Interests

• Eastern Mediterranean in the Roman period and Late Antiquity: survey, settlement, urban archaeology
• Hellenistic and Roman pottery
• Receptions of the Roman past in Modern Greece
• Archaeological Ethics

Current Involvement in Field Projects (survey, excavation, pottery study)

Egypt Exploration Society/ University of Durham Expedition to Sais and the West Nile Delta
Halasarna on Cos
Sikyon Survey Project


Co-authored and co-edited volumes

- The West Nile Delta Regional Survey: Kafr-el-Sheikh and Beheira Provinces (Egypt Exploration Society Excavation Memoir 86), London 2009 (mit P. Wilson).

- TRAC 2004: Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference Durham 2004, Oxford 2005 (Hrsg. mit J. Bruhn & B. Croxford).


Articles in journals and conference proceedings

- Die Antike als Dystopie: Zur Konstruktion und Instrumentalisierung der römischen Vergangenheit im modernen Griechenland, in: J. Helmrath & S. Schlelein (Hrsg.) Macht Antike Politik? (SFB 644 Transformation der Antike), Berlin/ New York (in press).

- Un quartier commercial au Pirée de l’époque hellénistique à l’Antiquité tardive : le mobilier de la fouille préventive du terrain du “Palais de Justice”, in V. Chankowski & P. Karvonis (Hrsg.) Tout vendre, tout acheter. Structures et équipements des marchés antiques. Actes du colloque d'Athènes, 16-19 juin 2009. Paris (with A. Tsaravopoulos, in press).

- Ancient Halasarna as a Port Through the Ages: A View from the Pottery and Other Finds, in: K. Höghammar & A. Lindhagen, Ancient Ports: The Geography of Interconnections (with G. Kokkorou-Alevra, L. Diamanti und M. Koutsmpou, in press).

- Επιτραπέζια κεραμική και αμφορείς από τον Πειραιά των ύστερων ρωμαϊκών χρόνων: γενικές τάσεις στην προμήθεια και κατανάλωση από τον 3ο μέχρι τον 6ο αι. μ.Χ. Στο: Δ. Παπανικόλα-Μπακιρτζή & Ν. Κουσουλάκου (επιμ.), Kεραμική της Ύστερης Αρχαιότητας από τον ελλαδικό χώρο. Επιστημονική συνάντηση, Θεσσαλονίκη 12-16 Νοεμβρίου 2006, Θεσσαλονίκη 2010, 671-688.

- Roman Knossos: Discovering the City Through the Evidence of Rescue Excavations, BSA 105 (2010), 339-379 (with R. Sweetman)

- Λουτρικό συγκρότημα στον Λιμένα Χερσονήσου: σωστική ανασκαφή, Αρχαιολογία και Τέχνες 115 (2010), 35-40 (with Chr. Papadaki & J. Triandafyllidi).

- The Population of the Piraeus in the Roman Period: A Reassessment of the Evidence of Funerary Inscriptions, Greece & Rome 56.2 (2009), 164-182. - Kaiserzeitliche und spätantike Keramik aus Attika in der Sammlung des DAI Athen, AM 124 (2009), 403-494.

- Baths in Roman and Late Antique Chersonissos: Preliminary Remarks on their Topography, Architecture and Building History, Creta Antica 9 (2008), 301-316 (with K. Galanaki, A. Kastanakis, Chr. Papadaki).

- Ethics in Archaeology: Paradigm or Platitude? in: H. Schroeder, P. Bray et al. (eds.) Crossing Frontiers: The Opportunities and Challenges of Interdisciplinary Approaches to Archaeology, Oxford 2007, 143-152 (with A. Pantazatos).

- A Roman Bath from Chersonissos: Preliminary Results of the Excavation at Tsangarakis Plot, in: A. Aggelakis & D. Koutsoyiannis (eds.) 1st International Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies in Ancient Civilizations, Iraklio 28 - 30 October 2006. Iraklio 2006, 345-354 (with A. Kastanakis).

- Illustrating burial practice from the cemetery at Lagonissi, Attica: Burials and artefacts of the 5th c. BC. In: V. Simion (ed.) Burial practices as forms of cultural identity. Proceedings of the IV International Conference on Funerary Archaeology, Tulcea 2006, 129-143 (with A. Lyrintzis).

- Tomb Robbing and the Transformation of Social Memory in Roman Knossos, in: B. Croxford et al. (eds.) TRAC 2003: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Leicester, Oxford 2004, 62-77.


Book reviews

-Petros G. Themelis (ed.), Ancient Eleutherna. Sector I, Volume 1. University of Crete: Athens, 2009, BMCR 2011.05.02


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