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angle-left Easter Island and the Pacific. Cultural and Environmental Dynamics

Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific, held in the Ethnological Museum Berlin, Germany, from June 21–26, 2015

Burkhard Vogt
Annette Kühlem
Andreas Mieth
Hans-Rudolf Bork
Edition and design
Eduardo Ruiz-Tagle
Rapanui Press

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Since the 18th century Rapa Nui or Easter Island, as it was baptised by early European visitors,
attracted many naturalists, archaeologists and anthropologists. It was only in 1984 when a series of the
international conferences on ‘Easter Island and the Pacific’ was established. Three institutions, the
German Archaeological Institute, the Christian Albrechts-University Kiel, and the HafenCity University
Hamburg, united under the umbrella of the German Archaeological Expedition, organized the 9th
International Conference in this series in the Ethnological Museum Berlin, Germany, which was held in
June 2015. Researchers from 20 different countries presented their contributions of which 39 have been
included in this publication. Their topics vary from archaeology, anthropology, history, linguistics, landuse
and ecology, and heritage management to sociology. The papers cover the period from pre-contact
to our times, with an emphasis on insular environments and resources across almost the entire Pacific.

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