The DAI research program

The individual departments and commissions develop their research programs within the context of their respective areas – defined by regions and/or disciplines – according to their basic lines of inquiry and focus. The research programs are subject to discussion and agreement both within the individual departments/commissions and in the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee (Zentraldirektion). Every three years, the research programs are summarized, discussed, and adopted as DAI research plan by the Executive Committee.

Research clusters spanning several locations started investigating fundamental topics in cultural studies in 2006.

In 2012, the results of these investigations were evaluated. Following a bottom-up approach, the clusters were then developed further in an idea colloquium. They were evaluated by the Executive Comittee based on their theoretical foundation, innovative potential for international discourse, and the networking potential of cluster members. Fundamental lines of inquiry pursued by cluster research have in turn opened up supraregional perspectives. The work of individual DAI departments and commissions is also connected within trans-regional perspectives and integrated in national and international research networks.