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From its very inception, in Rome in 1829, the "Instituto di corrispondenza archeologica" was very much an international undertaking. Scholars, diplomats, artists and enthusiasts of the ancient world got together to share what they knew about antiquity and to raise awareness about ancient monuments. Its successor, the German Archaeological Institute, continues this tradition of international cooperation, lending particular form to the various collaborative enterprises in scientific research.

Since the Institute's foundation, German and international scholars and scientists have been elected as members. Elections take place every year and there are well over 8,000 members today. Both corresponding and ordinary members are elected by the Zentraldirektion and the commissions.

The tradition of the founding institution carries on in the affiliative status of corresponding member. Ordinary members undertake projects on behalf of the DAI; they may be members of the Zentraldirektion and the commissions. In addition, honorary membership is accorded to certain outstanding individuals in recognition of their services to the DAI. 

Honorary members, ordinary members and corresponding members of the Institute are nominated by the Direktorium, the Zentraldirektion and the three commissions, and elected at the meetings of the commissions and the Zentraldirektion.


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