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angle-left 20.05.2019 Numismatikkurs "Coins and the City" für Studierende der Altertumswissenschaften

Der englischsprachige Kurs findet vom 20.-30. September 2019 in Rom statt. Bewerbungsende: 01. Juli 2019

Das Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut Rome (KNIR) bietet in Zusammenarbeit mit dem DAI Abt. Rom sowie OIKOS (National Research School for Classical Studies in the Netherlands), John Felice Rome Center: Loyola University Chicago und der Radboud University für (R)MA und PhD Studierende vom 20. bis 30. September 2019 in Rom den Kurs Coins and the City - Coinage as a historical source from Antiquity to the Early Modern period: the case of Rome an.

Roman coins provide glimpses into the urban past: they often bear images of buildings and monuments that stood, and are sometimes still standing, in the city of Rome. Similarly, Early Modern papal medals also display ancient and contemporary architecture as well as views of the entire urban landscape. This course deals with the use of these particular coins and medals as historical sources. Consisting of material, iconographic and textual evidence, all merged in one object, coins and medals offer a wealth of information to historians of all periods in which they were used. This course challenges students to decipher and interpret the information these exceptional sources provide, with a specific focus on the social, political and cultural history of the city of Rome in Antiquity and the Early Modern period. 

In this ten-day course in Rome the following questions will be addressed: What is the significance of the images on the coins and medals in the specific historical context in which they were produced? How were the images of the coins and medals perceived by their users? How can we connect the information that the coins and medals give us with other material and textual sources? What are the similarities and differences between ancient Roman coins and papal medals regarding the ways in which we can use them as a historical source? 

The course will provide students with theoretical knowledge on the use of coins and medals as a historical source, as well as on different numismatic methods. In addition, practical knowledge about coin production and skills in coin identification will be gained through workshops and ‘hands on’ sessions in museums.

Target groups: MA-, RMA students and PhD candidates in (Ancient) History, Art History, Classics and Archaeology from the KNIR partner universities (UvA, VU, UL, UU, RU and RUG) as well as from German universities. The course is part of the OIKOS education program for PhD students. No specific knowledge of Greek or Latin language is required.

Lecturers: Drs. Paul Beliën (Amsterdam), Dr. Liesbeth Claes (Leiden), Dr. Nathan Elkins (Baylor), Dr. Martin Hirsch (München), Prof. Dr. Fleur Kemmers (Frankfurt am Main), Dr. Erika Manders (Nijmegen), Dr. Marleen Termeer (Amsterdam).

Deadline application: 1 July 2019

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Ines Balzer
Wissenschaftliche Referentin
Abt. Rom
Via Sicilia 136
00187 Rom
++39 06488 81 492

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