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angle-left 01.03.2022 Research Fellowship "Global Archaeology, Sustainable Archaeology and the Archaeology of Sustainability” (apply until: 29.04.2022)

The German Archaeological Institute offers several short-term fellowships for young scholars. With these fellowships, we also want to specifically support at-risk colleagues from Ukraine to conduct research at one of the DAI sites in Germany or abroad, and we expressly welcome their applications.

"Global Archaeology, Sustainable Archaeology and the Archaeology of Sustainability”


Under this topic the German Archaeological Institute offers several short-term fellowships for young scholars. With these fellowships, we also want to specifically support at-risk colleagues from Ukraine to conduct research at one of the DAI sites in Germany or abroad, and we expressly welcome their applications.


The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) is a research institute. It has the task of carrying out, promoting and publishing research in the field of archaeology and related science disciplines, chiefly in the countries which gave rise to ancient cultures. It thereby contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage and to cultivating cultural identity in its host and partner countries throughout Europe and worldwide. It maintains libraries that can be accessed by scientists of all nations. It strives for the unity of German archaeological science in the context of all the classical humanities, to cultivate relationships with the international science community worldwide, and to nurture the next generation of scholars. These activities also reinforce the cultural and educational policies of the Federal Foreign Office. In accordance with these principles, the DAI has a major interest in conducting and promoting research associated with current public discourses on issues of global and long-term dimensions. Therefore, the DAI is determined to intensify its commitment to the study of the concepts of “global archaeology”, “sustainable archaeology” and the “archaeology of sustainability” in 2022.


Questions related to the field of comparative global archaeology represent a major element of DAI’s research themes. However, “global archaeology” is also interpreted in the sense of how archaeological research is conducted in a globalized world. The connected topic of “sustainable archaeology” encompasses a variety of aspects associated with this theme, such as (and not limited to) community archaeology, public engagement or postcolonial studies. Related to this, the DAI is also interested in “archaeology of sustainability”, i.e., investigating how past cultures sought sustainable solutions or how they reflected upon the sustainability of their actions and practices.


To promote research on these issues, the DAI invites applications for several research fellowships starting on 01.07.2022 and lasting up to 3 months. Successful candidates will form research groups, which offers opportunities to participate in communal workshops to network and engage in scientific exchange amongst each other as well as with DAI staff members participating in the program. Fellows will also be invited to present their research individually within the framework of the DAI’s lecture program. The DAI will provide a work space and access to its physical and digital resources. It is expected that the study‘s intended outcome is a research product in the form of a publication.


German and foreign researchers holding a degree in the field of archaeology or a closely related discipline are eligible to apply. Preference is given to young researchers, i.e. PhD candidates and PostDocs within 4 years after obtaining their PhD (calculated from the fellowship‘s date of commencement), and Ukrainian colleagues. The fellowship may be conducted at any of the DAI’s departments or commissions. Depending upon the development of the currently still ongoing COVID-19-pandemic, fellows may also work from home. Such an arrangement requires an agreement with the DAI department or commission providing the fellowship. Remuneration is set at 2.050.-€ for PostDocs and 1.500.-€ for PreDocs. Further details are provided in the DAI guideline for fellowships.


Applications may be submitted no later than 29.04.2022 to the directors of the DAI’s departments, the office of the president, the office of the secretary general, or the address


To apply, please send the following documents (preferably joined in a single pdf file):


  • Cover letter
  • Filled and signed application form for research fellowships
  • Exposé describing the research project (max. length: 2.000 characters incl. spaces)
  • Work plan for the fellowship
  • Diplomas of academic degrees
  • Complete list of own publications
  • Academic resumé including information on marital status and nationality (max. length: 2 pages)
  • Desired location at one of the DAI’s departments or commissions for the research stay and an alternative.


The research fellowship sponsors scientific projects compliant with the DAI’s interests and is directly connected with the DAI’s duties. The fellowship is awarded to support original research on a clearly delineated topic and to promote scientific exchange. The topic must aim at delivering a substantial scientific contribution in the sense of the DAI.

The fellowship is intended to enable researchers to conduct their studies at one of the DAI’s research facilities, thus promoting scientific exchange at the DAI. In this, the DAI follows the German federal government’s guidelines for internationalizing scientific research, which considers outbound German researchers and incoming international researchers alike and increasingly also acknowledges foreign researchers working in Germany. With regards to this protocol, awarding the research fellowships is of major federal interest.


Research fellowships are awarded in accordance with the DAI’s research fellowship guideline effective since 01.09.2020. The DAI’s scholarship committee decides about the allocation of research fellowships.

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