Korruptionsprävention en

Prevention of corruption

Corruption is a complex and clandestine phenomenon that, in a globally networked world, does great material damage to the general public and leads to the loss of trust in regulations.
Corruption in public authorities harms the reputation of the civil service and undermines confidence in the impartiality, objectivity and integrity of the state administration.

The Federal Government directive concerning the prevention of corruption in the federal administration of 30 July 2004 is the legal framework for the prevention of corruption for all employees in the federal administration.
Preventing corruption is a priority in the German Archaeological Institute's area of responsibility. The commissioner for corruption prevention at the German Archaeological Institute seeks to ensure the rigorous implementation of the directive. Internal regulations on corruption prevention follow Foreign Office requirements, correspond to the framework of the government directive and thus provide guidance for all employees.
For all staff and members of the public, the contact person for corruption prevention at the German Archaeological Institute is Mr Joachim Hahn. If you have any questions about corruption prevention or suspect possible corruption within the German Archaeological Institute's sphere of activity, please contact the commissioner for corruption prevention:

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