Scientific courses of the Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphic

The Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphic regularly organizes continuous education courses and seminars for young scientists. The aim of these training and professionalization courses is to strengthen the diversity of methods and topics in Ancient History and to reflect the commission's research focus in a dialogue with institutional academic research. To this end, the commission has been offering its course program for more than fifty years. Participants are usually students and young scientists from Ancient History Institutes in Germany. The two-day seminars are taught by outstanding experts who talk about their areas of study and research. The seminars take place in the fall.

In cooperation with other DAI departments the commission occasionally also organizes post-doctoral excursion courses (destinations in the past few years included Albania, Lycia, and Syria). A series of epigraphy summer academies was initiated in cooperation with the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and the Ancient History Seminar of Heidelberg University. Following the success of the first summer academy stations in Berlin (2007), Athens (2009), Rome (2011), and Kos and Rhodes (2014), the next edition is currently in planning.

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