Global collaborations

Individual collaborations

The core of DAI's research activities has always been defined by individual collaborations between scientists: in joint research projects, through mutual invitations, scholarships, and appointment to committees. DAI emerged from the association of European scientists, diplomats, artists, and interested laymen founded in 1829. The formal organization of collaborations, which is based on the DAI membership, dates back to the same year. More than 8,000 members have been voted into the network to this day.

Institutional collaborations

DAI maintains a close-knit network of collaborations with numerous research institutes, antiquities authorities, and museums. These collaborations ensure the legal status of projects in our guest countries. They also allow us to develop and realize exhibition concepts in cooperation with museum partners.

Academic collaborations

The integration of academic research lays the necessary foundation for competence and expertise. DAI is involved in academic curricula and graduate study programs, both internationally and in Germany. DAI seminars, study courses, and workshops as well as the teaching activities of DAI members at universities around the globe also reflect our commitment to education and professionalization.