Cooperation partners

The comprehension of complex systems – be it antique societies, climatic changes, or, most significantly, the multilayered relations between humans and our environments – requires a joint effort by experts from numerous disciplines. Specialists from the sciences and humanities work hand in hand to investigate the earliest human cultures in search for answers to the aforementioned complex issues. These collaborations have strengthened and expanded over the past years.

The work of DAI is embedded in an extensive network of collaborations. Intensity and relevance of the varied forms of national and international cooperation are constantly increasing:

  1. Global cooperation as well as the education, professionalization, and promotion of young scientists around the world are part of DAI's vision and mission as defined in our statutes.
  2. Only through collaborations can we find answers to our complex research questions and promote a modern understanding of archeological research and sustainable site management.
  3. The "small" ancient study disciplines appreciate the importance of discipline-based interdisciplinarity.
  4. Collaborations between different institutions – each with its own, specific profile and strengths – deliver new impulses.

The formal structures and parameters of these collaborations are as diverse as the countries and research contexts in which they operate. Most collaborations are based on written contracts, others have different types of formalization. Collaborations are either initiated by DAI or follow from invitations issued by national and international universities or government institutions.