Exchanging scientific approaches - Iraqi-German Summer Graduate Programme in Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Every year since 2009, the DAI Orient department offers young Iraqi scientists research and continuous education stays in Berlin. The program is part of a long-standing academic cooperation with the University of Baghdad – College of Arts and is organized in cooperation with the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage Iraq.


"Exchanging scientific approaches - Iraqi-German Summer Graduate Programme in Ancient Near Eastern Studies" strives to initiate academic collaborations, present innovative international approaches, offer continuous education opportunities regarding modern scientific research and presentation methods, and facilitate conference participation.

Candidates are Iraqi graduates of Ancient Oriental Studies, Middle Eastern Archaeology, Ancient Iraqi History, Islamic Archaeology, and Architectural History. The participants are selected jointly by DAI, the University of Baghdad and the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage Iraq and invited for a stay of approximately one month in Berlin. Applicants need to have a very good degree (B.A., M.A., or PhD), good English skills and a keen interest in independent scientific research.

Program partners are Free University Berlin (Institute of Ancient Oriental Studies, Institute of Middle Eastern Archaeology) and – depending on the respective focus – Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft (German Oriental Society), Vorderasiatisches Museum Berlin (Museum of Ancient Near East), and Technical University Berlin (Architectural History).

The summer program received generous initial funding by the Federal Foreign Office as part of its project "Connecting Worlds of Knowledge". It is now funded by DAI, with support by Free University Berlin (TOPOI excellence cluster) and Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft (German Oriental Society).

Media releases regarding the program:

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