Applying at DAI

If you are interested in working at DAI please check our job listings at "Job Offers" and only apply to the positions advertised there. We are currently unable to accept unsolicited applications other than applications for internships. 

Please send your written application to the department and address specified in the job offer. 

Your application should contain all documents specified in the vacancy advertisement. The following should be submitted for all positions:

  •     Curriculum vitae
  •     Graduation/training certificate
  •     Relevant academic records/certificates/evaluations
  •     Description of previous academic and/or work experience

Applicants with severe disabilities may refer to this fact at their own discretion. If you do refer to an existing disability, please do so in your curriculum vitae.

Applications from severely disabled applicants (Federal Social Code IX) and women (Federal Equal Treatment Act) will be given preferential considerations over other applicants with equal qualifications, aptitude, and professional achievements unless another suitable applicant offers exceptional personal qualifications.


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