Young Scientists Program

The professionalization and promotion of young scientists form part of the guiding principles of DAI. Our global activities, interdisciplinary network, and research infrastructure make our institute ideally suited for young scientists who want to contribute to scientific research on a national or international level.

DAI offers students and graduates first professional opportunities as pre-doctoral interns, student assistants or research assistants. PhD graduates can continue their academic training as research assistants (position as "Referent"). DAI also offers graduating students the opportunity to write their theses (Bachelor, Master, diploma, PhD) as part of a DAI research project. International continuous training seminars and summer schools complement our comprehensive academic education program. Moreover, DAI promotes and supports employees' teaching activities at universities.

Key formats of DAI's Young Scientists Program include:

  1.     Training and professionalization for students in form of assistantships.
  2.     Involvement of young scientists in research and excavation projects.
  3.     Supervision and facilitation of theses (Bachelor, Master, diploma, PhD).
  4.     Continuous qualification in form of research assistantships.
  5.     Opportunity to teach in national and international study and PhD programs.
  6.     Summer schools and courses.