Das Reisestipendium

The DAI annually awards travel grants. The aim of these grants is to promote the professional and academic development of young archeologists and scientists of related disciplines. The grant funds an extended stay in the countries of the ancient cultural sphere so that grant holders may be able to acquire in-depth knowledge of these countries and particularly their archeological sites and monuments. Travel grants are awarded for a full year or six months.

Details regarding the stipend amount as well as grant conditions are laid out in the DAI stipend guidelines. The application period for travel grants begins in the fall and ends with the application deadline, which is typically on January 15 of the following year.

The travel grant can only be awarded to post-doctoral researchers. Architects wishing to apply need to submit a diploma as well proof of extensive academic work in building research.

Applicants with a focus on ancient history can submit their applications directly to the Commission for Epigraphy and Ancient History in Munich. Applicants with a focus on pre- and early history please contact the Roman-German Commission in Frankfurt/Main. Post-doctoral researchers whose dissertations focus on topics beyond the cultural sphere of classical antiquity need to address their applications to the First Director of the Commission for Extra-European Archeology in Bonn.

DAI travel grants are only awarded to applicants who handed in their dissertational thesis at a German university before the age of 30 and who are no older than 31 years at the time of application. Time spent in military service, community service in lieu of military service, voluntary social year service, professional training prior to the academic education, parenthood, etc. will be added to the maximum age. Please read the complete grant conditions carefully before preparing your application.



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