Academic and scientific jobs at the DAI

The DAI's area of activity is global research in archeology and ancient history. In our numerous commissions and departments, both on the national and international levels, researchers, scholars, and scientists of various disciplines are working hand in hand.

In addition to archeologists specializing in pre-historical archeology, classical archeology, and Egyptology, we have experts in construction research, ancient history, epigraphy, and numismatics who are dedicated to researching various geographic regions, eras, and sources.

Natural sciences are becoming increasingly significant for archeological research. The Natural Science Commission in our Berlin headquarters offers job opportunities for researchers focusing on anthropology, archeobotany, archeozoology, and dendrochronology.

Basic DAI work areas include excavation technology, graphic documentation, graphics, and photography. Many specialists in these areas are working in every department of the institute, providing services without which our research and scientific projects would be impossible.


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