Data protection

Policy statement on the collection and use of personal data

Every time a website is visited, data is collected and exchanged. The German Archaeological Institute automatically collects and stores data that your browser sends to our server. Before it is stored, every data set is anonymized by the IP address being changed.
Whenever you visit or access our site, the following data is saved:

  • anonymized IP address
  • date and time
  • page viewed/name of the accessed file
  • data volume transferred
  • notification of whether the viewing/access was successful
  • type and version of your internet browser
  • your operating system
  • the site previously visited (referrer URL)
  • time of the server inquiry.

This data is assessed solely for statistical purposes and to make improvements to our website, and is subsequently deleted. The German Archaeological Institute is not able to identify any particular person on the basis of this data. No collation of this data with other data sources takes place. The IP numbers are stored to answer queries for the duration of the visit and are not retained after the visit ends.
The data is not used in any other way or passed on to third parties.
Whenever pages are viewed, temporary cookies are deployed to make navigation easier. These so-called session cookies contain no personal data and expire when the browser session ends. We do not use technologies like Java applets or ActiveX controls which make it possible to monitor users' surfing habits.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies allow information to be exchanged between computer programmes or stored for a limited period. They can only be stored if you have permitted it in your browser settings.

The German Archaeological Institute website makes very sparing use of cookies. That means you can also view this site without cookies. The cookies used on this website have two different functions:

  • Some of the cookies deployed ensure the proper functioning and display of the website. These cookies only operate for the length of your visit. When you close your browser, these session cookies are deleted.
  • The other cookies deployed on this website belong to the analytics software Piwik. Depending on whether you have authorized or refused the collection of data, either two web analysis cookies or one Piwik deactivation cookie will be stored on your computer. These cookies remain functional for two years unless you delete them.

Web analysis

The German Archaeological Institute analyses how this website is used. The information obtained this way enables it to optimize its web presence. The data includes for example how often specific content is accessed or which browser is used to view the site. The data that is stored is used solely for statistical purposes. It is not used in any other way or passed on to third parties.

In addition, our website uses the web analytics service Piwik. Piwik deploys cookies that make it possible for us to analyse website usage. To this end, usage information provided by the cookie (including your abbreviated IP address) is sent to our server and stored for usage analysis for the purpose of website optimization. In this process your IP address is immediately anonymized; hence as a user you remain anonymous for us. Information the cookie creates about your use of this website is not disclosed to third parties. If you do not agree to the storage and evaluation of this data about your visit, you can prevent storage and use at any time with a single mouse click. Then an opt-out cookie will be placed in your browser, as a result of which Piwik will not collection session data. Please note: if you delete your cookies, the opt-out cookie will be deleted too and you will need to reactivate it.

Social media buttons

You will find a sharing button on virtually every page of our site. Behind the button are links to various social bookmarking services or social networks. No personal data is collected or transferred to third parties as a result of the display and/or use of the sharing button. Neither are any cookies used.
By clicking on the sharing button, you can post the page you are looking at in various social bookmarking services or share it in your social networks, providing you have an account with those service providers.
If you click on a link and register with one of the social bookmarking services or social networks, the data protection provisions of the respective provider apply.

Notice on using our social media presences

Please note that the German Archaeological Institute has no influence on social networks' terms of use. We draw your attention specifically to the fact that operators of social networks that we use for communication permanently store data outside Germany and use it for commercial purposes. It is not possible for us to ascertain to what extent and for what duration the data is stored.
We therefore ask you to be prudent about what personal data you make available on social networks. While we handle your data with the utmost care, we accept no liability for the conduct of social network operators and third parties.

Orders and emails sent to the German Archaeological Institute

If you send us an email, we will use the email and your email address solely for correspondence with you. For orders, the data you provide will be disclosed to third parties (mail-order company, other institutions or agencies if they dispatch the ordered material) only for the purpose of processing the order. Once the order is complete, your data will be deleted immediately. The storing of electronic or hard-copy enquiries from members of the public will be carried out in compliance with the periods specified for records management in the guideline that supplements the Joint Rules of Procedure of the Federal Ministries (GGO).

Right of access

You have the right at all times to be informed about the personal data relating to you that is stored as well as about its provenance, its recipient and the reason for its retention. Information about the stored data will be given to you by the internet editorial office of the German Archaeological Institute ( If you have any questions or complaints you can also approach the German Archaeological Institute's data protection officer:

Rainer Komp
Podbielskiallee 69-71
14195 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)30-187711-275