Rome and Pompeii Course for secondary-school teachers

A course with a century-long tradition: every fall, usually in October, DAI offers a continuous education course for secondary school teachers of Latin, Greek, history, and art education who want to stir their students' interest in archaeology and the ancient world through suitable pedagogical programs, work groups, and excursions. The course offers teachers an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and expand their pedagogical skill set at the ancient sites.

The six-day compact course is taught by institutes experts in Pompeii and Rome. The course curriculum covers topics like everyday culture, housing and habitation, and public life. Based on the examples of the monuments, participants will learn the basics of ancient Roman architecture, artistic production, and urban as well as societal organization.  Moreover, there will be ample opportunity for discussions with the scientists who are directly involved in archaeological research at the sites. Participants are expected to engage actively in the course.


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