Built within a few years, the ancient Uyghur city Karabalgasun served as the capital of the Uyghur Empire from 745 to 840. Since 2007 the city and its hinterland has been focused by the archaeological research of the Mongolian-German Orchon-Expedition.

Nomads in the Orkhon Valley – The ancient Uyghur capital Karabalgasun (745–840)

The cooperation partners of the Commission for Archaeology of Non-European Cultures (KAAK) and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MAS) initiated a second project in addition to the Mongolian-German Karakorum-Expedition (MDKE) in 2007.
The new Mongolian-German Orkhon-Expedition (MONDOrEx) deals with the investigation of urban settlements in the Orkhon Valley established by nomadic tribes. Special focus lies on the Uyghur capital Karabalgasun, which is about 35 kilometres southwest to the ancient Mongolian city Karakorum, as well as on its relationship to the hinterland.


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