Self-Commitment on the Treatment of Artefacts of Unknown Origin

The DAI considers monuments, archaeological sites, and museums to be part of the common cultural heritage of mankind. We are therefore committed to the protection of cultural goods according to national and international conventions.

These legal and moral guidelines also govern the publication practice in our journals and other DAI publications. Thus, they also cover the treatment of archaeological artefacts derived from other than legal excavations.

As of November 14, 1970, all publishers of DAI publications have committed themselves to abstain from publishing any artefact, be it from private or public collections, whose provenance cannot be clearly proven.

Exceptions to this rule can be made upon arrangement with the publishers if the objective of the publication is to address the loss of archaeological context. Artefacts of unknown origin that have already been published elsewhere, e.g. in exhibition documentations, catalogues, or otherwise, may only be included in DAI publications if the fact of their unknown origin is highlighted and pointed out as a problem.

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