Editorial departments at DAI

The various DAI departments and commissions have their own editorial departments. These are in charge of the publications that fall into their respective areas of research. They handle the entire process from manuscript submission to publication.
Besides the editors themselves, our editorial departments are the first contact for authors wishing to publish their academic/scientific papers in one of DAI's journals and publications.

The editorial departments will issue information on all formal requirements and guidelines for manuscript preparation prior to the publication process itself. They support authors in coordination with the respective publications' editors during the review and editing processes and manage publication and production.

Thanks to their academic qualification and experience, the scientists in DAI's editorial departments are familiar with the research focus of their respective areas. Editors in our international departments are also well connected within the international scientific communities and involved in the current scientific discourses within their guest countries.

This means that all publications of DAI's departments and commissions can rely on specialized expert editors to ensure not only capable editorial management, but also support regarding the academic/scientific content of our publications – all in line with the DAI's high quality standards. Our editors are also well familiar with the editorial standards and requirements of their respective disciplines in the various regions.


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