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For over 180 years, the DAI has been dedicated to exploring and researching the monuments of antiquity and to issue high-quality publications on our findings. To this day, the DAI has edited more than 90 serial publications, the majority of which are still being continued. We thus offer one of the largest platforms for modern archaeological research around the globe.

The main task of our publication bodies consists in publishing the results of research projects coordinated by DAI or relevant to DAI projects. In addition to our publication series dedicated to the results of our excavation and field research, we have publication formats focusing on specific genres or topics. The scope of our publication covers research questions from the entire field of classical studies and related disciplines.

Further information on the respective topic range and editors are available on the web pages of each publication series.

Please notice:

Our publications are distributed exclusively by book retailers. Please place your order with your local bookstore, not directly with the DAI. If you want to order a publication directly from the publisher, please check where the book you are looking for was actually published as it is possible that the publishing house of a series may change over time. 

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