Important information on using images from DAI publications

If you are interested in using images published in any DAI publication, please notice:

DAI can only give reproduction permission for images to which we own all copyrights. The copyright information for images can usually be found in the illustration credits (recognizable by institute photo negative numbers etc.).

In all other cases the DAI cannot issue permissions nor provide further information or help regarding reproduction rights. Please contact the copyright owner if you wish to reproduce these images.

You should always check the publication's illustration credits first to identify the copyright owner, and then address the respective person or institution. The publishing houses usually also buy single usage rights and would therefore refer inquiries to the copyright owner.

For all inquiries regarding photos, drawings, illustrations and other images copyrighted by DAI, please contact:

Free use of images according to German copyright laws

In Germany, the copyright expires 70 years after the death of the copyright owner (UrhG § 64). In the case of shared copyrights, the expiration date is 70 years after the death of the last surviving copyright owner; for anonymous works, 70 years after their first publication. After this period, the previously copyrighted works become public domain and may be used without prior permission. If the copyright owner deceased less than 70 years ago, the copyright passes to his/her heirs. In this case, a person wishing to use the copyrighted works would need to get permission from the heirs.

In all other cases, the person wishing to use the copyrighted works must ask the copyright owner for permission. Legal certainty regarding possible exceptions for the use of copyrighted works in the academic realm is subject to the outcome of the so-called "Dritter Korb" in German copyright law.

Click here for the text of the applicable law (in German).

Further information on copyright in the sciences and academia can be found here.


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