Teaching archaeology in schools

Archaeological knowledge made accessible and gripping for students.

One of the results of the transformation partnership between Germany and Egypt was the project "School materials on Egyptian archaeology" created in 2012. The Cairo Department cooperated with pedagogical experts of the Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule (German Protestant High School) in Cairo to compile a set of teaching materials that can be used in classes across various disciplines and grades. Since 2014, the Beijing Branch is working on teaching materials for Chinese archeology.

Teaching materials on Egyptian archaeology

The available teaching kits cover various specific overarching or specializes topics. They contain accessible background information and visual material that can be used license-free for teaching purposes. Bibliographies allow for a more in-depth treatment of the topic. The teaching kits comprise texts, worksheets, puzzles, and crafts patterns for specific topics to be used in class. They also include pedagogical/didactic advice on how to use the teaching kits with different students groups. These instructions leave teachers plenty of freedom to adapt the materials to their purposes. All teaching materials are tested at the DEO, reviewed by teachers and students, and optimized prior to publication.
All content and worksheets can generally be used for students grades five and upward. The only exception is the ancient Egyptian fractional arithmetic, which due to its complexity should only be taught to students above the ninth grade.

You can download all the teaching materials here as PDF files. Or you can order the print version from the DAI's Cairo Department. The materials themselves are free; you would only have to pay for shipping. Please contact Johanna Sigl at  johanna.sigl@dainst.de to order the teaching kits.

Downloads (Only in German or Arabic):
Mathematik im alten Ägypten (PDF 7,8MB)  /  Arabic Version (PDF 1,3MB)
Der Turiner Lagerstättenpapyrus (PDF 15,7MB)  /  Arabic Version (PDF 2,7MB)
Schrift und Sprache der alten Ägypter (PDF 12,3MB)  /  Arabic Version (PDF 2,3MB)

In addition, they are also available on www.pasch-net.de, the Federal Foreign Office's school initiative "Schulen: Partner der Zukunft" ("Schools – Partners for our Future").

Teaching materials on Chinese archaeology

In 2014, the DAI's branch office in Beijing in cooperation with the German Embassy School Beijing started compiling teaching kits on East Asian archaeology. This initiative was part of the Federal Foreign Office's program for promoting the German language abroad. The teaching kit is designed to provide teachers and students with complementary material for school subjects including German, geography, and history. It can be used as a complete unit to be used in project weeks or as additional material for individual, highly interested students.

The student workbook of the first kit on "China's Great Walls" presents current research results in archaeology and monument preservation regarding the Great Walls of China between 2000 BC and 2000 AD. The kit highlights the historical circumstances and causes that led to the construction of monumental wall in some eras, while in others there were no such activities. Physical maps serve to illustrate a simplified version of the wall's known route.

The teaching kit also includes teacher materials such as templates, solutions, and additional information.

PDF files of both volumes as well as additional teaching materials are available for download here. You may also order a printed version from the DAI's Beijing office, in which case you would be charged for shipping. 


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Teaching kit as download  (only in German):
Volume 1

Chinas Große Mauer - Schülerheft (PDF 31,6MB)

Volume 2
Die Seidenstraße - Lehrerheft (PDF 11,1MB)
Die Seidenstraße - Schülerheft (PDF 24,7MB)

Additional information as download  (only in German):

Chinas Große Mauer - Einführung (PDF 4,8MB)
Schrift, Strichfolge - Zusatzinformationen (PDF 2,1MB)
Kopiervorlage Schrift (PDF 253KB)
ussprache - Zusatzinformation (2,7 MB)


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