DAI journals

For over 180 years, the DAI has been dedicated to exploring and researching the monuments of antiquity and to issue high-quality publications on our findings.

The 14 journals currently published by the DAI are have been consolidated from more than 20 publications. Their aim is to publish the results of current international archaeological research promptly in order to allow them to become subject of scientific discourse.

The journals cover a wide range of topics in all areas of modern archaeology and classical studies. They are open to article submissions from national and international scientists who wish to publish their research results. The DAI follows a peer review process in all its journals to ensure discerning international quality standards.

Information on the specific focus, editors, publishers, editorial departments, and details on how to submit articles can be found on the web pages of the respective journal as well as here.

Please notice:

Our publications are distributed exclusively by book retailers. Please place your order with your local bookstore, not directly with the DAI. If you want to order a publication directly from the publisher, please check where the book you are looking for was actually published as it is possible that the publishing house of a series changes over time.

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