Chris Gosden (Oxford): European Celtic art and its eastern connections
When : 2017-05-31   18:15 - 20:00
Type : Lecture
Professor Chris Gosden (School of Archaeology - University of Oxford will present an insight into his research on European Celtic Art in Context: exploring Celtic art and its Eastern links.

Much attention has been paid to Celtic art, but this has often been viewed from the point of view of styles of decorations and types of objects. It is important to also locate style within varied archaeological contexts to see how art objects functioned in varied cultural contexts. We are currently building a database for the Celtic art of Europe recording finds from Ireland to Romania in an attempt to create a representative selection of objects which will allow us to probe links between the form of objects and their decorations, as well as the contexts of use and deposition. We currently have included around 40,000 objects and have made initial analyses which I will discuss. We are also exploring links to the east through so-called Scythian art from western Russia out onto the steppe. The eastern similarities of art styles are also of interest, as are similarities of deposition right across to the Altai Mountains.


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