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"That which is Caesar’s“ - Emperors, Christianity and Identity in Late Antiquity - Vortrag Dr. David Wigg-Wolf (Frankfurt)
Wann : 05.10.2017   18:00 - 20:00
Art : Vortrag

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From the reign of Constantine, the first Roman emperor to openly profess his Christian leanings, the Roman coinage slowly adopted Christian content. The various stages of the appearance of Christian elements on the Late Roman and Early Byzantine coinage will be traced through the fourth to the seventh century AD. Not only does this gradual introduction closely reflect changes and developments in the religious policies of the emperors, more importantly it reveals much about how the new religion change the way in which coinage was used to portray imperial identity, and throws much light on the relationship between Emperor and Church.

Öffentlicher Abendvortrag innerhalb des Studienkurses "Cities, Emperors and Popes. Coinage and the construction of identity in Antiquity and the Early modern period”.


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