When : 2018-04-19 - 2018-04-21
Type : Conference
On the occasion of the European Cultural Heritage Year (ECHY) 2018, which aims to make the shared European roots visible, the Eurasian Department of the German Archaeological Institute organizes the conference Connecting worlds - Bronze and Iron Age depositions in Europe.

Bronze Age and Early Iron Hoards and single depositions in rivers, lakes and bogs but also mountains and along old paths have been discussed over years. Whereas they were still in the 1970s considered as hidden treasures, in the last 30 years a lot of studies showed the regularities of hoard contents, the non-functional treatment of the objects and many other details which speak for ritual deposition. Meanwhile, most specialists would agree that if not all but the great majority of metal hoards was deposited by religious reasons in the broadest sense.

This paradigm change makes Bronze Age hoards a cultural phenomenon which links most regions in Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals and to the Caucasus from Scandinavia to Greece between 2200 and 500 BC and in many regions also thereafter. This raises a number of questions which are not answered yet and require more research and discussion. How was it possible that the idea and the practice of deposition could spread over such large areas? What is the explanation for the different rhythms of deposition during the Bronze and Early Iron Age in these regions? Was the deposited metal really a considerable amount of wealth? How was deposition practice connected with other forms of destruction of wealth? Was there a difference between the deposition practices in the Mediterranean and the rest of Europe?

Metal deposition as a widespread and long lasting social practice seems to be a perfect candidate of shared cultural Heritage in Europe. Facing the actual crisis of Europe in the West and in the East, the European Cultural Heritage Year can enhance the understanding of what unites Europe culturally in its broad diversity.

Visitors are welcome!

The conference is part of the DAI-presentation Entangled History European Cultural Heritage Year 2018
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Regina Anna Uhl