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Understanding Transformations: Exploring The Middle Black Sea Region and Northern Central Anatolia in Antiquity (4th /3rd CENTURY BCE - 4th /5th CENTURY CE)
Wann : 18.04.2018 - 20.04.2018
Art : Symposium

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Internationales Symposium der Hitit Üniversitesi Çorum und der Abteilung Istanbul des DAI vom 18.-20. April in der Hitit Unıversity Ethem Erkoç Conference Hall, ÇORUM

The symposium is organized by Prof. Dr. A. Schachner (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut Abt. Istanbul), and Dr. E. Sökmen (Hitit University, Department of Archaeology), on 26-29 April 2018 in Hitit University, Vocational School, Ethem Erkoç Conference Hall / Çorum-Turkey.

Archaeology especially of Antiquity of Middle Black Sea region and the adjacent transitional areas of Northern Central Anatolia have increasingly drawn attention over the last decades. A few but notable projects now shed light to incognita of Black Sea archaeology. Investigations of political, social and cultural transformation and continuity that the region had been through are highly important while the region or at least parts of it was going from Achaemenids to Mithradatids and eventually to Roman dominance. Parallel to the understanding of the historical written records the study of the development of the material culture allows the understanding of how local developments continue or discontinue under the changing supra-regional hegemonial powers. Especially it is possible to study the mechanisms of how the Roman Empire established its rule in these peripheral regions.

The symposium aims to explore transformations in the inner Black Sea region, which had considerably diverged from the coastal areas politically, culturally and regarding settlement patterns throughout antiquity. To understand the relationship between long-lasting trajectories and the impact of the hegemonial political powers a detailed presentation, comparison and discussion of the material culture is at the focus of the symposium. It shall cover the numerous projects, including especially the less known results of rescue work conducted by the museums in the region. As result it aims to establish contemporary approaches to the archaeology of the Black Sea region during Antiquity by examining the interrelations and differences between the regional characteristics and cultures of the Middle Black Sea areas with that of the culture of the central authority.

To achieve a certain degree of comparability among the projects we would like to ask the participants to address the following core questions as far as possible in their contributions.

• What are the characteristic features of the material cultures?
• Are local peculiarities visible?
• What are the criteria for dating the material? Is it possible to establish a regional chronology based on the characteristics of the finds?
• Are supra-regional contacts and relations detectable?


Abteilung Istanbul

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34437 Istanbul


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Andreas Schachner
Abteilung Istanbul
Inönü Caddesi 10
34437 Istanbul
+90 (0)212 3937600

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