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StraightforW.A.R.D.: a webinar on ancient rare diseases
Wann : 16.08.2019   14:00 - 16:00
Art : Vortrag

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This webinar aims to provide a shared platform to address issues of studying ancient rare disease.
Following on from the successful experience of the First Workshop on Ancient Rare Diseases (1st W.A.R.D.), which took place in Berlin earlier this year, this virtual meeting intends to bring together colleagues with different expertise to share a wide range of approaches and ideas.
The dynamic format of the webinar will encourage the direct participation of our virtual audience, join our efforts to outline global and multidisciplinary perspectives on ancient rare diseases.

1. Ancient rare diseases: from case studies to challenging marginal topics in palaeopathology

9:00 - Julia Gresky, German Archaeological Institute:
"Osteopetrosis: even rarer than expected?"

9:15 - Simon Mays, Historic England:
"Diagnosis of rare diseases in palaeopathology: problems and prospects"

2. Leaving the lab behind: re-conceptualising research to re-address outreach

9:30 - Tina Jakob, Durham University:
“Rare diseases: a new teaching agenda"

9:45 - Joe Wallace Walser III, National Museum of Iceland:
“The mouth's cradle: social care and medical treatment of orofacial clefts in medieval and modern Iceland”

3. Engaged palaeopathology: from ancient to contemporary rare diseases. A contribution to changing our social reality.

10:00 - Emmanuele Petiti, German Archaeological Institute:
“It’s rare, take care! Ancient rare diseases between research and outreach”

10:15 - Polina Stepensky, Hadassah Medical Center:
"Osteopetrosis, rare but not forgotten. Recent approaches to medical treatment"

In the programme of the "VIII Paleopathology Association meeting in South America" you will soon find the link to the virtual webinar room:


Referat Naturwissenschaften an der Zentrale

Im Dol 2-6, Haus 2 und 4
14195 Berlin


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Julia Gresky
Referat für Naturwissenschaften an der Zentrale
Im Dol 2-6
14195 Berlin
+49 30 187711-339

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