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Tell! - Lea Rees
Wann : 29.06.2021   18:00 - 19:30
Art : Online Event

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Lea Rees (Freie Universität Berlin/University of Cambridge)
‘Dahshur before Snefru: The Pre-pyramid cultural Landscape of Dahshur’

The pyramid site of Dahshur is traditionally associated with the pyramids built by king Snefru, the founder of the 4th Dynasty. Popular as well as scientific literature often give the impression that the pyramids of the Old Kingdom were built on ‘virgin ground’, untouched by human activity before the rulers decided to erect their monuments at this very location. But in fact, all of the pyramid sites of the Memphite necropolis had already served as an elite burial ground in Pre- and Early Dynastic times. Only at Dahshur such early material seemed to be missing. However, a re-evaluation of excavations carried out in the late 19th century as well as archaeological discoveries of the last 30 years make it possible to draw a provisional picture of the pre-pyramid cultural landscape of Dahshur.

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31, Sharia Abu el Feda
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Kyra Gospodar
DAI Kairo - Dahschur Projekt
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut
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