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Tell! - Eman Shokry
Wann : 27.07.2021   18:00 - 19:30
Art : Online Event

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Eman Shokry (DAI Kairo)
'The Opus Sectile Floor designs of the Mamluk period in Egypt'

Despite being a significant aesthetic element that enriches interior architecture, Opus Sectile pavements in the Mamlūk architecture (1250-1517 AD) in Egypt are rarely documented and studied and are usually hidden. In addition to the rarity, most of the published drawings are whether inaccurate, segmented or disregard different colours, materials or condition. This lecture presents a research project that aspires to document and study surviving Opus Sectile pavements in Mamlūk monuments in Egypt. Furthermore, it investigates possible links with the Byzantine floor arts.

The lectures will be held on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 453 062 0620
Passcode: 894036



Abteilung Kairo

31, Sharia Abu el Feda
11211 Kairo - Zamalek

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Kyra Gospodar
DAI Kairo - Dahschur Projekt
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut
Abteilung Kairo
31, Abu el-Feda
11211 Kairo - Zamalek

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