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Tell! - Julia Bertsch
Wann : 19.10.2021   18:00 - 19:30
Art : Online Event

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Julia Bertsch (Freie Universität Berlin/Universität Tübingen)
'Gold Sheet Appliqués from the tomb of Thutankhamun'
– chariot decoration and cultural exchange during the age of “internationalism” –

When Howard Carter and his team discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922, approx. 100 ornate gold sheet appliqués were found associated with the six chariots. Due to their poor state of preservation, however, they had been kept in the storage magazines of the Egyptian Museum Cairo ever since. Now, these objects have been restored and studied by the members of an Egyptian-German co-operation project. A major part of the lecturer’s PhD study focused on iconographical aspects. One group of gold sheets is decorated with traditional Egyptian images of royal power and dominion over Egypt’s enemies; however, a second group depicts a repertoire of motifs which was widespread throughout the Eastern Mediterranean during the second half of the Second Millennium BCE, often adorning small, portable objects. This repertoire consists of various pictorial and stylistic elements from the Near East, Egypt, and the Aegean. Examples for such “international” motifs on the gold sheet appliqués are animal combat scenes, caprids with trees, volute plants, and spiral bands. How do these motifs fit into New Kingdom Egyptian art and “internationalism”? How can the “mixed” imagery on the gold sheet appliqués and the related chariots be interpreted? The lecture is going to give an overview on the gold sheet material as well as discussing artistic exchange, interactions, and 18th dynasty chariot decoration.

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Kyra Gospodar
DAI Kairo - Dahschur Projekt
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut
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