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Tell! - Anna Grünberg
Wann : 07.12.2021   17:00 - 18:30
Art : Online Event

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Anna Grünberg (Universität Leipzig)
'Between Plan and Reality – The Lepsius Cemetery in Dahshur'

The necropolis of Dahshur as part of the royal burial landscape not only of the Old but also the Middle Kingdom gives an important opportunity to draw and specify various lines of development not only of royal but also elite funerary and cultic traditions. One interesting area in regard of such questions is the one of the Lepsius mastaba cemetery, located centrally between the two pyramids of Snofru. With its over 20 tombs, all of which are arranged in straight rows and lines, it forms a direct link between the grid-like cemeteries at Meidum and Giza and therefore can help to better understand the idea and implementation of state-planned tombs. The basis of this and further topics of research is formed by the results of the excavations of the DAI Cairo in the area of the Lepsius Cemetery, parts of which are to be presented in the lecture.

The lectures will be held on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 453 062 0620
Passcode: 894036



Abteilung Kairo

31, Sharia Abu el Feda
11211 Kairo - Zamalek

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Kyra Gospodar
DAI Kairo - Dahschur Projekt
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut
Abteilung Kairo
31, Abu el-Feda
11211 Kairo - Zamalek

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